We offer lessons for a variety of instruments, beginners to advanced, all ages & covering most styles.

Dynamic Music School provides enjoyable lessons to all ages, beginners to advanced, on many instruments, & covering most styles of music. Our lessons include the many playing styles of each instrument & are tailored to the individual interests, goals & learning styles of each student.


We can source new & 2nd hand instruments, equipment, accessories & books for you.

We usually stock accessories, such as strings, picks, capos, drum sticks, & the method books we use & recommend for purchase.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are a great introduction into the world of music, as most popular music features guitar & most melodies can be played on guitar.

Nylon-string acoustics are usually easiest for young beginners as the strings are softer on the fingers.

Steel-string acoustics have more clarity & are heard more in popular music, however are sometimes tough on the fingers.

Both are available in smaller sizes for kids.

Electric Guitar

Electric guitar initially has the same techniques & theory behind it as acoustic guitar, however electric guitars lend themselves more to rock, metal, blues, funk & jazz styles, with some techniques (e.g. bending, sliding & hammer on/pull off techniques) being easier to play on electrics.


Drums provide a song's rhythm, energy, & holding the song's tempo & feel.

You'll learn correct playing techniques, rudiments, drum beats & fills in different styles, co-ordination between hands & feet, reading skills, & will be playing along to your favourite songs in no time!

Piano / Keyboard

Piano & Keyboard are great introductions to music. They are heard in all types of music, playing accompanying parts, & lead roles, providing the song's melody,

harmony & rhythm.

You'll learn correct playing techniques & posture, note reading, melodies, songs in many styles, & theory.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is sometimes overlooked, but plays an important role in music, laying the foundation & setting the groove. It is enjoyable providing a song's movement, while playing & locking in with the drum's rhythms.

You'll learn correct playing techniques, reading skills, & bass lines in many different music styles.

Bass guitars are available in smaller sizes for kids.