Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

Whether you're just starting out fresh & need guidance, have been learning or playing for some time & would like to take your music further, or have specific goals & ambitions, Dynamic Music School has a wide & flexible range of programs to help you become the musician you've always dreamed of!

  Introduction/Beginner - Intermediate  Program    

Our beginner lessons focus on the basic techniques of your instrument. You'll learn about correct playing positions, techniques & exercises to develop these, music reading, as well as fun pop & rock songs. Our tutors adapt their teaching to each student & can work through material as slowly, or as quickly as required.

As you become more skilled, advanced techniques & concepts are introduced, with a focus on specific styles of music or artists that you may be interested in.

  Advanced Lessons    

At Dynamic Music School we have experienced tutors who are accomplished & skilled musicians. We can teach advanced lessons, working with you to achieve your musical goals & ambitions.

These lessons will develop advanced techniques, cover many musical styles & genres, playing in odd time signatures, improvisation, song writing & incorporate extensive music theory including major scale modes, Jazz scales, key signatures, & ear training.

Our tutors can guide you through VCE, AMEB, ANZCA & school exams.

  Individual and Shared Lessons    

We find students get the most out of one-to-one lessons.

However where available, we are happy to offer shared lessons when two or more students are interested & learning at the same level.

  Band Workshops   

Dynamic Music School offers band workshops where you will guided by an experienced musician, learning about musicianship & the joys of playing your favourite songs with other musicians as part of a band.

These lessons can be a full band, guitar ensemble, or bass & guitar workshops.

Contact us for availabilty and pricing.