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  Scot Aird  

Guitar - Bass Guitar - Drums


Scot is an experienced tutor & musician, beginning his teaching career while studying his diploma of music performance in 2001. He has taught in music schools, primary & secondary schools, Tafe, and private tutoring in studios & student's homes.


He is an accomplished musician, performing on guitar, bass & drums in many recording & touring bands, of many different genres. Scot uses his wealth of musical experience to teach his students musicianship, reading & technical skills, pop & rock songs & many other styles, while creating a comfortable & enjoyable learning environment.

Scot continues to further his performing & technical skills, recently completing two ANZCA grade 6 exams on guitar & drums, receiving honours & 1st class honours respectively.


Over the past 8 months we have had the pleasure in having Scot in our home teaching our 2 sons how to play guitar. We needed a music teacher who was willing to do private lessons at home, as our busy schedules didn't allow us time to drive our sons to lessons. Scot's ability to transform our 'sports only' boys to musicians in a short amout of time is unbelievable!

We love having Scot in our home teaching our boys a lifetime skill. We thoroughly recommend Dynamic Music School to anyone because you will not be disappointed...


Lola and John Naumovski

Thank you for working with Declan this year, he is thoroughly enjoying his drum lessons.

Last weekend we went to the Lost Lands festival and, to my delight, Declan took the stage confidently when given the chance and owned the drum kit! Totally made my day.

I could hardly believe that my shy-hesitant-introverted son was rocking out, with a huge smile on his face, and not caring one bit who was watching.

All your hard work is certainly paying dividends.

Jade Wisely